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JEE has a group of young and passionate employees that we are bending our mind to the growth of each employee and customerize personal career growth planning for all the employees and provide a wealth of training resources and external communication opportunities, and are unceasingly dedicated to creating an excellent learning organization.


Training System

-We ensure that employees work with a comfortable working environment and a harmonious learning atmosphere.

-We have established a comprehensive training system to provide a wealth of training resources for employees career advancement.

-Relying on the innovative technology R&D capabilities of renowned universities of China, JEE actively integrates international advanced technical resources to provide all the employees with extensive and advanced training/learning resources.

-We provide the employees with more opportunities for personal development. A part of excellent employees will be selected each year to receive personal value-added post-graduate training qualifications such as MBA learning, training of Master of Engineering and Top-up Degree, as well as dispatching excellent employees periodically to foreign countries for international exchanges.


JEE is committed to creating a learning organization, apply "40 +4" learning method, so as to establish a "Learning Team", that the departments will actively organize the learning program and create a positive learning environment to maintain a competitive edge.


Tutorial System

-JEE has a perfect tutorial system to help new employees adapt to the new environment.

-JEE has a group of outstanding senior technical specialists and doctoral tutors, graduate instructors. A training plan of six months of the will be arranged for the new employees after their entrance into JEE, a mentor will be arranged for their FAQ, so as to guide their work and daily life. During the training period, the instructors are responsible for the performance of the new employees that the performance of the new employees will also affect the instructors working performance.


Career Planning

JEE establishes career development planning for all the employees, sets short, medium and long-term career development plans through employees’ personality characteristics, vocational orientation and identifies individual strengths and weaknesses as well. To identify the gap between the employees themselves and the target, and develop detailed action programs together. We will help employees know the development goals clearly and strive towards the targeted direction of the goal with unremitting efforts.


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