Engine assembly line

JEE follows European design concept,combined including on-line inspection and error-proofing from German standards to provide high quality engine assembly line to its customers. The product range embraces gasoline & diesel engines for passenger car and diesel engines for commercial vehicle. 



Engine block sub-assembly line, cylinder head line, piston rod line,intak manifold sub-assembly line, main assembly line and hot test line

3.Technical features:

  (1)Capable to assemble and test both vertical and horizontal engine.

  (2)Integration of manipulators to automatically loading engine block, cylinder head and crankshaft online,to reduce the quantity of operators and reduce the risk of damages on the parts,increasig the product quality.

  (3Automatically oil cylinder bores and crankshaft taps, including accurate control of the oil quantity and positionning.

  (4)Valve test, using real camshaft to simulate flap process and stroke; low noise to improve working condition.

  (5Piston rod and engine body in same line, operators no need to turn-back which reduce the workload;

  (6Automatic press piston pin snap ring to improve assembly quality and efficiency;

  (7)Overhead transfer conveyor from line to line to provide a smooth logistic.

  (8Automatic leak test locking plate pressing and laser detection to effectively improve assembly quality and efficiency;

  (9Automatic cleaning of the engine block, cylinder head and crankshaft before loading to guarantee cleanliness in assembly;

  (10)Automatic pressing and flatness test of the crankshaft and rear oil seal to guarantee high assembly quality.

  (11Automatic cylinder block coding, and visual system code reading to guarantee high qualified rate;

  (12Intelligent RGV system allocates parts in hot test area automatincally, guaranteeing smooth logistic and less cost.